Cure Rare Disease
COX Elite Gamer Holiday Charity Tournament featuring Fortnite
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About Cure Rare Disease
Cure Rare Disease develops customized therapeutics for rare, genetic diseases. Their mission is toprovide therapeutics for individuals, primarily children, who are suffering from diseases for whichthere are no treatments or cures.
To increase awareness of its mission and fundraising capacity to develop customized therapeutics, CureRare Disease is hosting a charity fortnite tournament December 16th. Video games serve as anequalizer for people of all abilities, which is why CRD sees this event as a powerful opportunity toengage and unite both the gaming and rare disease communities. In September of 2020, CRD hosted itsfirst Charity Fortnite Tournament that raised over $15,000 and reached thousands across social media. This second event is the next step in CRD's mission to bring rare disease advocacy to the gaming space.
Fundraising: Through sponsorships and in-kind donations from businesses in the esports space, alongwith donations from tournament participants and viewers, CRD plans to raise $25,000.

Engagement: By marketing the event through Practice Server, the CRD Esports Advisory Board andother endemic partners' large network, it's estimated that 500 people will participate in the tournamentand 2,500 will watch the livestream.

Tournament Details
The Practice Server has partnered up with Cure Rare Disease (CRD) and COX Elite Gamer to create a big event for the community. CRD’s mission is to provide therapeutics for individuals that suffer from diseases that have no treatments or cures.

To assist in promoting this mission, we are inviting everyone in the community to play our tournament — this includes casuals, opens, and professional players. Invitees and sign-ups will have a chance to be invited and featured on our main broadcast day and take a chance at winning the $20,000 cash prize.

We also plan to fundraise through sponsorships and donations in lead up to the event. The goal is to drive awareness and do good with our platform. As a community we look forward to seeing your support during tournament day.

Final sign ups have begun! All team members must sign up. Here is the tournament sign up link, and make sure to visit to learn more about CRD.

Session 1 begins Friday Dec. 11th at 4pm -7pm ET - 10 slots are available to qualify

Session 2 begins Friday Dec. 11th at 8pm-11pm ET - 10 slots are available to qualify

Special Rules: If you qualify during session one, you are not permitted to play in session 2. (If caught, a permanent ban will be enforced)

Point Format:
Victory Royale: 41 Points
2nd: 36 Points
3rd: 32 Points
4th: 30 Points
5th-33rd: 1 point per placement

Each Elimination: 2+ Points


$5,000 In Cash + Prizing

Top 5 teams to complete these challenges receive rewards:
1 Respawn chair each
1 Asus Bundle Package that includes an Rt Ax82U, Scope Keyboard, Gladius II Core Mouse, and a Sheath BLK Mousepad


Win the tournament
Most kills
Best placement
Longest team alive
Most points accrued in a single game

Charity Prizing Breakdown:

1st: $3750
2nd: $3000
3rd: $2250
4th: $1875
5th: $1500
6th-7th: $750
8th-10th : $375


Cure Rare Disease Socials:

Twitter: @CureRareDisease

Practice Server:

Twitter: @PracticeServer
Instagram: @PracticeServer
Youtube: PracticeServer
Open Discord:

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