NA West

Ranked Guide

NA-West Ranked System Info

Rank System:

Open - All players with JUST this rank are considered in the OPEN tier of West Open.
Challenger - This is the rank you acquire once you've placed well in a open ladder, this is the rank where your better practice begins to help prepare you for the stacked games in Premier/Prac.
Premier - This rank is one step closer to the Elite Practice Server.
Elite - This rank has the best of the best players from the NA West REGION . Scrims in here are considered to be some of the best practice in the world.

Ways to get in

1. The most POPULAR way to the obtain the roles listed above is through the open ladder, all information on that can be found in our server.
2. You can also get into PREMIER or PRAC based off of really good placements in any MAJOR event. Good placements are top 10 in FINALS only.

Currently these are the ONLY ways to obtain those ranks and we will post again if anything changes. Good luck to all and we hope to see you in one of these ranks soon!