Official Website Release!

We have officially released our Open Scrims website after working alongside the Fortnite community for years. The launch of this website represents a step forward in expanding our tools to bring you an immersive competitive environment. In our home tab, you can find the links to all of our servers with their different regions, information on our mission, and our team. Keep track of our ladders and events through our on-site live leaderboards. New tournaments and events will be posted under the 'Tournament' category — these will range from our ladders to 3rd party events. In order to keep our community up to date with the competitive scene, blogs will be posted regularly. Our 'Resources' tab provides users with guides on how to join our servers, use Yunite, and play ranked — if you still need help, then please open a modmail ticket in the respective server. Lastly, there is the 'Opportunities' section; here, you can apply for staff when positions are open, or contact us in regards to sponsorships and events. This concludes the launch of our new website. Stay tuned for more info on new events and updates for Open Scrims!

We'd like to thank our wonderful staff team and of course, the community for allowing this to be possible!

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