NSG x Practice Server NA Showcase

Find a duo and get ready to compete! Nerd Street Gamers and PracticeServer have just announced an insane duos tournament for their November “Showcase” event.

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Nerd Street Gamers , a popular tournament organizer in the Fortnite competitive scene, are excited to announce that they have teamed up with the official Practice Server to host their “Showcase” event. This Showcase Series will take place over two different sessions, with open qualifications starting on November 22nd for NAE, and qualifications for NAW starting the next day on November 23rd. These two qualifications will culminate into an invitational on the weekend of November 28th-29th, where the top 10 duos from each open qualifier will compete against 30 other invited duos for a $10,000 prize pot!

To play in the open qualifications, all players competing in the East region must register through the official East Open  discord server. If you are competing in the West region, make sure to join the West Open  discord server to register. Please make sure to verify your account through Yunite, since it is required to verify to compete in the tournament. Once verified, you will gain access to the #mayhem-info channel, where you can view all the necessary info to participate in the Showcase Series. Once you are signed up through the East Open discord, make sure to install the latest version of Mayhem to finalize your registration. This tournament will be available to PC competitors only.

The open qualifiers will begin at 7:00PM EDT on the 22nd, and last a total of 3 hours finishing around 10:00 PM EDT. Games will be run every 30 minutes, but each duo is only allowed to play a maximum of 6  games, if you play over 6 games, you and your duo will be disqualified from the tournament.


East Open: November 22nd - 7pm-10pm est
East Semifinals (top 150 duos from opens): November 23rd 5pm-9pm est
- Live at NSG and Practice Server
West Open: November 23rd - 5pm-8pm pst
West Semifinals (top 150 duos from opens): November 24th 5pm-9pm pst
- Live at NSG and Practice Server

If you want to watch the competition from the standings, make sure to follow Nerd Street Gamers on Twitch, where they will be providing full coverage of the finals available for anyone to watch. If you want to further your competitive knowledge, make sure to follow Practice Server on Twitch,  Twitter and YouTube to be the first to receive new announcements concerning events and other competitive news surrounding Fortnite.

Follow Nerd Street Gamers on Twitch, Twitter or YouTube

To Sign Up and learn more about the NSG November Showcase Series:

East - https://bit.ly/391Yl89
West - https://bit.ly/3fnshNd

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NSG x Practice Server NA Showcase

Find a duo and get ready to compete! Nerd Street Gamers and PracticeServer have just announced an insane duos tournament for their November “Showcase” event.


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