Dreamhack Duos

With the success of DreamHack's LANs in Sweden and Anaheim in June 2020, they announced a series of online tournaments open to any participating players, which feature a massive monthly prize pool of $250,000. Seeing the enormous success of these online tournaments in September and October, DreamHack has decided to listen to the community and announce the next game mode for their monthly tournaments.

With many players excited to finally get a beloved game mode back, which hasn't been seen since June and the end of Chapter 2 Season 2, they are ready to get back to competing with their partners. Even though the practice may be slowed with the removal of Duo Arena and thus duo scrims, the hype surrounding this tournament is unparalleled when compared to other DreamHack events this year. Even the current Trios FNCS for season four, which has been regarded as being one of the worst FNCS' so far due to the comparably low prize pool and lack of opportunity for players to earn substantial money.

Along with the duo's game mode being announced for November's tournament, DreamHack also announced the Heats and Semifinals / Finals dates for all regions participating, starting with Europe and moving through NAE and finally closing with NAW. The tournament organizers also opened up registrations for the November online tournament shortly after the announcement, allowing anybody in the regions listed above to signup and participate.

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With Dreamhack announcing duos, it's hard not to dream that the next FNCS in season 5 will be following suite. With duos arguably being competitive player's favorite game mode, a duo FNCS could bring revitalization back to players who may have lost their competitive drive due to the controversial decisions EPIC has made over the last couple of seasons. With no new info yet concerning the next FNCS, we can only wait and hope to see that EPIC listens to the community, and we finally get the game mode that we've all been wanting back for months.

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